My idea was to make a very ethereal dress with a feminine touch that would give off a very pure and delicate vibe. So I designed this white floral dress. Read the story on

Mom: “You look like a butterfly!”
Me: “Aww that’s cute!”

Colleague: “You look like a French girl!”
Me: “Oh, really? Cool! Thanks!”

Friend: “You…you look like you are not from this world!”
Me: slightly worried “Okay…don’t tell NASA that.”


You look like you came back from a vacation in an Asian country!” a friend exclaimed when she met me wearing this kimono top. It was not the effect I was going for while making it, but if it gives away an authentic vibe, I am cool with that.


IF SPRING COULD PERSONIFY into someone who had multiple social media accounts, by now it would have definitely gone crazy from all the tags/mentions it got. Not a day went by without me seeing people complaining about winter and begging spring to come. Now that it’s finally here, people will probably start talking about summer in no time. Spring, you will soon be forgotten.

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