SINCE FOR VERY OBVIOUS REASONS, fashion is often labeled as a superficial industry, there are a lot of deep individuals out who see themselves as critical thinkers and who will tell you this: “I’m not into fashion and I just wear things I like.” Okay. Let me process that. So… those of us into fashion don’t wear what we like? The response would be something in the lines of “No, I meant I am not influenced by trends.”

Let me scoff at that for a second.

Okay, so let’s divorce reality for a moment and choose to ignore the deeply-rooted mechanisms of society purposefully constructed to shape individuals into complying members. As a creativist {that’s not a dictionary-approved term, but since we agreed to suspend reality for the sake of this text, let’s just accept it as such} I am one of those people who always need to create something new and to keep evolving, instead of just waiting to be served. But it’s ridiculous to think that what I make or what anyone else makes was not influenced by past of current happenings. By trends, if you will. >>

Back in university, my Academic Writing professor told me something that at the time sounded incredibly frustrating: “Everything has already been said and written. It’s up to you to use what you are given and make it your own by giving it your own flavor”. How can you make something your own, if it was not yours to begin with? Having to rely on what has already been said and not having the freedom of just putting my opinion out there was one of the main reasons I never warmed up to academic writing. You always have to use what other people created in order to be able to get your point across. As somebody who always strives for originality and spanning boundaries, I could never make peace with that rigid academic philosophy.

Later, however, I realized that, in a way, other things in life function similarly.

Sentences like “I’m not into fashion and I just wear what I like” uttered in an attempt to create a distance between the said individual and this superficial industry sound so funny because, in fact, someone in the fashion industry labored to make the clothes you are wearing.

Those people made a statement by creating something and you used that statement to visually support your opinion of yourself {even if that opinion is that you take yourself too seriously to be influenced by an industry that is perpetually so dissatisfied with itself that it feels the need to change itself every six months}. You might not be into fashion, but you can’t deny that how you look is a product of the industry’s influence.

If being into fashion is blindly following every trend and buying/wearing every fad out there, then I am not into fashion either.

I mean, look at this skirt I am wearing. My mom bought it and wore it around the time I was still a kid, and here I am wearing it backwards because I wanted to reinvent it.

Thinking now, that was my original idea behind these photos and this post. But I somehow ventured into a rant where I forgot to mention that there is no need to feel as if you have to detach yourself from this industry.

Beyond all that superficiality, this industry is filled with genuinely creative and original individuals who constantly create choices for the rest of the world.


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