I KNOW THAT EVERYONE HAS already started talking about spring, but there are exactly 22 days left until spring officially gets here and seeing how the weather is still going through an identity crisis where it can’t decide whether it wants to be hot or cold, I think it’s still safe to share this outfit with you.

I pride myself on being a creative soul, but there are days when my creativity personifies in an annoying lazy bum that kicks and screams when you try to get it to leave its bed. I call those days the I-am-not-in-the-mood-to-dress-up-but-I-still-refuse-to-look-like-a-hobo days. Luckily, I have developed few formulas that always equal a decent outfit such as blazer+top+jeans, or sweater+coat+jeans or the one you see in these photos, turtleneck+vest+jeans.

Obviously, the common denominator here is jeans, the only clothing item I see as having the potential to defy time and trends. I am very particular about my jeans, so if you are a salesperson and you ever happen to see me in your store looking through jeans, make sure you stay away because two things can happen: a) you might cry from frustration with my demands, or b) I might get beaten up because of your frustration with my demands. Mind you, I am not particularly fond of either option.  But trust me, once I pick the right pair of jeans, I make sure to wear the life out of them.

What are your outfit formulas?


Vest: Stradivarius / Turtleneck & Jeans: Mango / Ankle Boots: Bershka / Bag: Carpisa

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