I drew a short paneled skirt, and the next day I made it. It was too plain in my opinion. Other people, however, fell in love with this yellow skirt.

BEFORE I PROCEED TO TAKE out my winter artillery aka warm jackets and cozy knits, I still have one more late summer outfit to share with you that I recently wore on one of those days when the weather was still going back and forth 30 and 40°C.


Trying to capture that perfect shot? Read my five practical tips on how to pose for photos in order to get the most natural {or dramatic} outcome. Head over to

WHEN YOU DECIDE TO START blogging and you become the subject in front of the lens, you realize that it’s not as easy as you had thought it was. The image of yourself that you have visualized in your head doesn’t often match the preview on the camera, and after a good number of photoshoots, you realize that you are a pose repeater.


Sharing with you how I reinvented this old button up dress as well as what is my no.1 outfit ingredient when I "have nothing to wear". Read more at

YOU LOOK LIKE A LADY that owns a resort!” my friend exclaimed as she greeted me wearing this cotton button up dress. “Well, I haven’t met one, but thanks!* My planned first sentence to her was initially different.


Contrary to popular belief, I think red is the easiest color to pull off. Read more about it in this post featuring this charming little red dress.

CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, I think red is the easiest color to pull off.  Red itself is so dominant, it immediately assigns secondary roles to other colors combined with it. Instead of making you think “how do I match this color in order to bring out its beauty”, red comes off as the center piece that needs no further enhancement and that, in fact, orders you to work around its beauty and fill in the voids as you see fit. That’s the easy part.