Photography by
Keti Talevska 
I THINK I SHOULD START with an apology for the avalanche of photos coming your way. You are definitely in for a lot of scrolling to the point where you might develop premature arthritis*. I know that posting a lot of photos of oneself often alludes to narcissism, but this is not one of those cases. This is one of those cases when you collaborate with someone who really has an eye for the unusual and the ability to capture moments at their best, so deciding which photos to omit feels like mission impossible.


Photography by
ON DAYS WHEN MULTITASKING IS a must, you will probably find me dressed like this: a good structured blazer, a top, and a pair of jeans or pants. Since from 365 days in a year, 364 of them are multitasking days for me, you wouldn’t be wrong to call this look my “uniform” or, as one of my friends dubbed it, “my signature look”. I know that a lot of people categorize blazers as being formal, but with the right pieces and accessories, you can always control whether a blazer will make your outfit look dressy or casual.


THERE WERE ALWAYS THOSE KIDS who would say that they can’t wait to grow up in order to be able to “do things”. I wasn’t one of them. I used to say that I wanted to stay a kid forever and not have to worry about “adult problems”. Hearing me say that, my mom would always reply that she was unsure whether I was the smartest or the most retarded kid out there. *


WHEN I LOOK AT THESE photos, I can’t help but think that when putting together this outfit I must have had an imaginary business meeting to attend to. I swear that when I was sewing it, I intended it to be a “fun” skirt. Don’t a splashy print and a front slit scream party to you?*


WHILE THE REST OF THE fashion world is in uproar about the 80s and 70s, here I am, busy putting together an outfit from a nameless decade. I am still not ready to accept flares back and I doubt hairspray can make my hair stand up high enough to show the goosebumps I get by only thinking about the 80s. Perhaps I should dig up old photos of me wearing flares to ignite nostalgia for them and perhaps we should leave the 80s where they are: in the past.
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