The following text may contain exaggerations for comic effect.

I PACK HEAVY. It really doesn’t matter if I am going away for days or just going to buy bread from the local store. That’s what makes me the mommy character in any group I am in. Oh, you need water? Snacks? Wet wipes? Band aids? Your cat? I probably have it in my bag.


       As you may know, I have been busy these days due to my midterms, so in lieu of more recent outfit photos, I offer you these photos from almost a year ago when I attended a conference at Maltepe University in Istanbul. It was my first public speaking event and, during my presentation, I wore another outfit whereas this one was for the commemoration photos. I met wonderful people there, including great girls from Kazakhstan. Whenever I see these photos, I can’t help but laugh a little because whereas here I support a confident ready-for-business look, in my pre-presentation photos I look pale and ready to faint. I recall losing my voice that very morning  and eating 10 small packages of honey, which – luckily – helped.
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