IN MY SEARCH FOR CONVENIENCE and tactics on how to be a more efficient outfit planner in the morning, I somehow started gravitating towards neutrals and more washed-out tones. I started appreciating the adaptive nature of neutrals and their ability to make outfit planning a lot less time consuming.

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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

- Pablo Picasso

THERE WAS A TIME WHEN we thought that people in their twenties were adults, or that being an adult entailed having everything figured out. It takes just a couple of years into your twenties to show you that you might even reach your thirties without having arrived at some preconceived destination of professional fulfillment and personal-life happiness. That realization is probably where dissatisfaction with our present kicks in.

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VELVET. A STRONG SHEEN and an unusual softness combined with centuries-long connection to nobility make it perfect for achieving comfortable luxury. Although the fabric made a successful comeback to the fashion scene, mainly in the form of bomber jackets and ankle boots, it’s still uncertain whether it can fully infiltrate daily wear.

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I HAVEN’T ALWAYS BEEN SUPPORTIVE of the practice of repurposing clothes. When the slip dress suddenly resurfaced few years ago and made the jump from your grandma’s drawer and onto the hottest trendsetters, I can’t say I was impressed. It felt like a desperate attempt at innovation, a silent cry for attention.

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...from the top of the crown, floating through the air, and all the way to the ground. Beauty is indeed fleeting....

THE ADVENT OF THE INTERNET opened a window to gazing at the rest of the world from the comfort of our bedroom. No sooner after that window was opened, like a chilling wind, in came the dissatisfaction with our inability to be other places that are not our bedroom. The concept of "wanderlust" that got so popularized due to our social media feeds where we constantly are served secondhand experiences, suddenly created a sense of nostalgia for places we have seen so often but never visited.

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