How do you deal with the "what to wear" dilemma given the inconsistent autumn temperatures? Read more to find out my answer to that question. For the third look of “The Scarf Project” I am showing you the best and fastest way to dress up on bipolar autumn mornings.

THE ONLY THING THAT I hate about autumn is the bipolarity. The mornings threaten to turn you into a popsicle whereas the afternoons threaten to melt you. Add to that inconsistency the frustration of busy mornings and top it off with the “I don’t have what to wear” dilemma, and you can officially say


The Scarf Project - an inspiration manual meant to showcase the different ways how to style scarfs in your daily outfits. Read more on

SPARKLING CHANDELIERS HANDING GRACEFULLY FROM tall white ceilings. Dark hardwood floors supporting white marble tables, buttoned sofas, and upholstered chairs in a pickled bluewood color*. Wrapped colorful sweet goodness displayed on mentioned marble tabletops - from macaroons and cookies to cakes and cupcakes. And ice cream. Oh, and did I miss it?


I drew a short paneled skirt, and the next day I made it. It was too plain in my opinion. Other people, however, fell in love with this yellow skirt.

BEFORE I PROCEED TO TAKE out my winter artillery aka warm jackets and cozy knits, I still have one more late summer outfit to share with you that I recently wore on one of those days when the weather was still going back and forth 30 and 40°C.

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