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- people should not be bought and sold.



THE 16th EDITION OF Fashion Weekend Skopje {FWSK} took place last month, but only recently did I find the time to create this visual diary for you. As every year, this year as well FWSK stood behind an important cause:human trafficking, which comes in many different forms, one being labor exploitation.

The garment industry is sadly notorious for its violations of human rights in forms of modern slavery, child labour and exploitation. FWSK this season supported the global campaign #Stopthetraffik and the #GlobalBlanket initiative with intent to raise awareness and help people recognize signs of human trafficking as organized crime. The #GlobalBlanket initiative is actually an appeal for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain aiming to motivate global brands to make ethically - conscious decisions. 

It makes me realize that for me, making clothes is a joy, and before all, a choice. But for some, it is not. 


photo by Erina 

My day one outfit consisted of a two piece suit that I rarely, if ever, wear as a suit. I tend to wear the pants more often than the jacket, as seen in THIS post. 

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Papaz | SIGMA jewelry | Viktorija Arsovska | Atelier Kocareva


Photos by


Day two was the only day I decided to go bright and colorful with my outfit. 

top: Fiorella Rubino | jacket: Zara | bag: Mona 

Together with these two amazing girls/photographers

Erina {left} & Stefani {right}

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UKIM TMF - Institute of Design and engineering of clothes, fashion show | Minna Fashion, Kosovo | Sari Gi by Sara Redzic | Marsin by Marija Trajanova | Drama Studio


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For day three, I went for a velvet Topshop jumpsuit and a black and white printed blazer I made few years ago. I am also wearing a Hugo Boss clutch and my new Casio watch. 

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Alshar by Silvia Miha | Walcone Fashion Group, Kosovo | Ana Troshic Trajkovic | Shaleva Couture


Blazer: My design | Bag: Carpisa | Turtleneck: LC Waikiki | Earrings: Accessorize


Photos by Erina

For the last day of FWSK 2017, I wore an asymmetrical skirt I recently made and blogged about HERE  to Irina Tosheva's show. 

with Erina

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