I RECENTLY PARTICIPATED IN AN Instagram discussion about the so-called Instagram outfit repeat aka would you post the same outfit twice on your feed? {Reference: Who What Wear Instagram} I never thought of it as being an actual concern. It sounded to me as if people believed that once an outfit loses its virginity, it is bound to be never appreciated again. Luckily, an overwhelming number of comments made it clear that repeating an outfit is nothing but normal and reasonable.

As creative people, bloggers want to inspire their followers with new, fresh content every day, probably in their attempt to stay original and relevant. But from what I have noticed is that people on the other side of the screen often develop the misconception that these influencers live lives where they have the luxury of wearing an outfit just once. Perhaps some do. I wouldn’t know. This creates the illusion that in order to avoid looking boring, you should do the same. As if repeating an outfit was a social suicide of some sort. Most people don’t have infinite closets, nor do they have brands catering clothes to them for promotion. In real, everyday life, we are faced with the same choices every morning.

Same choices, but infinite possibilities, if you ask me. >>

Honestly, I am a repeat offender when it comes to wearing the same outfit. In fact, when I started this blog, I wanted to show people how you can style the same piece all over again without it looking boring or overused. Also, given the fact that I make most of the clothes that I wear, I cherish each and every piece way too much for me to leave it rot because of such a superficial reason. I made the skirt I am wearing in the photos in September last year and I have worn it throughout the four seasons, two of which are successfully documented on this blog. {Click for the other post}

I am not planning on stopping wearing it just because people have already seen it.

I like to think we are all slowly starting to realize the discrepancy between Instagram’s constructed reality and our actual reality given the increased number of people who are speaking up about the issue. Whether we are talking about fashion, fitness, parenthood, marriage or any other sphere, it’s important to be aware of the fact that people will always share their best moments on social media.>>

Most fashion people will not show you their blisters from wearing beautiful but utterly uncomfortable shoes nor will they photograph the toilet where they changed their outfit before shooting it. Before the body positivity movement and the before/after photos took Instagram by storm, most fitness bloggers/vloggers would never think of substituting their flexed and posed photos for bloated and flat ones. No happy wifey would post a photo/video of her and her husband yelling at each other unless it was them doing the whisper challenge same as no mom would like to show you their puke adorned shirts or their toddler having a not-so-cute screaming fit.

I like how some influencers started addressing this lack of reality on social media, but we still have a long way to go.

//Skirt: my design
// Sandals: Stradivarius {old}
// Top: Mango
// Watch: Lorus Watches
// Pearl Earrings: Familija Ristevski

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