“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

- Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

An overused Devil Wears Prada quote to start my text for a post featuring a floral dress? Groundbreaking. Well, cliché or not, here I am, counting the last days of spring in a floral-printed dress I made back in 2014. Actually, that’s a lie. I stopped counting the day I graduated from university and joined the workforce aka boring fun adult life with all its responsibilities and bills and decreased energy levels. Oh, the joy. I still vividly remember the days when we used to celebrate June 10th as if our country had been liberated on that day. To an adult, June 10th is just a day. How sad.

Coming back to the dress: If we were to look at my style history from a very sexist point of view, I was never what you would stereotypically label as “girly”. That means I never wore too much pink or reached for frill and glitter as expected of me as a girl. As a kid, I went crazy for my brother’s printed shirts and hoodies and refused to accept blue as a color for boys.

Then again, my style history is riddled with inconsistencies and unsurprisingly, I spent the early period of my teenage years trying to look more feminine. I bought – ahem, mom did – my first floral-printed flared pants when I was {probably} thirteen and I paired them with a frilly pink shirt. It was one of those days when my mother has to ask me few times if I’m sure of what I am doing because I am suddenly acting like a completely different person. I think that purchase marked the start of my appreciation for florals and prints in general.>>

Fast forward to the present, and you are met with an individual who describes her style as eclectic because the task of describing her style in just three adjectives seems as more of a hassle than moving to Mars. Since clothes are often used as signifiers that help people neatly package you in a box, I like trying out everything and make them go “hmm…”.

I learned to use clothes in a way that creates characters which is why one day I look like a sweet girl demurely crossing her legs in her floral dress and the next I look like a modern and casual version of the 1930s gentlemen.

Being yourself by not looking like yourself.

That’s the fun in fashion.












Dress pattern: BurdaStyle  //
Heels: Zara //
Bag: Bershka //

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