Unlike most humans, I am not a fan of baking under the sun more popularly known as tanning. I am not exaggerating when I say that tan lines are to me what stretch marks are to most women – stress. The only tan I do get nowadays has been accidentally acquired through unavoidable daily exposure and the occasional swimming on holidays.

There was a certain peer pressure to get tanned during the summer months that intensified during my teenage years. Suddenly, what I had seen as a mere side effect from my parents not being able to keep me out of the water for too long, became a beauty standard. In a way, the more tanned you were when you returned to school from your holiday, the cooler you were {this, of course, being spoken from the perspective of a girl having grown up in a country with a predominantly white population}.

I could never wrap my brain around that philosophy nor could I understand the satisfaction of lying on the beach for hours, doing nothing but tan. I tried it. As a teenager, I succumbed to the pressure once. After what felt like hours when in fact it had been just minutes of lying in the sun, I threw in the towel and went back to my usual beach activities when the sun was too hot to swim – drawing, reading, card-playing, ice-cream eating, and complaining about the heat. >>

Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got!

- Janis Joplin

Later I just accepted that all people are different and that just because the majority enjoys something, that doesn’t mean that I have to do it. Just like most of my peers felt beautiful when tanned, I felt beautiful pale. The only difference was, I didn’t judge their choice. As I grew up and as the Internet shrunk the world to the size of our monitors, I realized the importance of diversity and no longer felt the need to blend in. I am cool as long as I see myself as being cool. I might change my mind about tanning in the future, but I am all good now. 

That all said, summer temperatures come with the necessity to take off as many layers as possible and when you hate the heat and awkward tan lines as much as I do, you resort to two things: breezy wide pants, and a lot of sunscreen. I love shorts for summer and you will see me wearing them often, but on extra-hot days, I tend to gravitate towards full-on coverage with light fabrics that billow at the faintest wind. Sometimes people tell me they feel hot just by looking at me, but I often feel a lot cooler than they look.

But, you cannot argue preferences. Just do what you like best because that is when you are at your coolest.

Bag: Carpisa //
Gladiator heels: Mango //
Top: by me //
Pants and Blazer: ancient //

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