VELVET. A STRONG SHEEN and an unusual softness combined with centuries-long connection to nobility make it perfect for achieving comfortable luxury. Although the fabric made a successful comeback to the fashion scene, mainly in the form of bomber jackets and ankle boots, it’s still uncertain whether it can fully infiltrate daily wear. Truth is that despite its comfort and its beauty, velvet is hard to pull off visually. It’s quite unforgiving towards the body as it gives away every single curve when enveloping it. Sometimes its sheen even creates the illusion of additional volume in places it doesn’t really exist.

Still…it’s magical.


Instantly elegant.

Probably those are the main reasons why velvet is often ignored in daily wear. Sheen and sparkle are commonly reserved for night time and although I completely see myself wearing this velvet jumpsuit at night with a pair of heels and bare shoulders, I wanted to incorporate it into my daily looks, hence the outfit you see in the photos. 

Velvet and shirts under spaghetti straps.

Am I making it too obvious that I am a 90s kid?  










Velvet wrap jumpsuit:
// TopShop
// Pull&Bear
// Hugo Boss

// By me
// Oriflame

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