You look like you came back from a vacation in an Asian country!” a friend exclaimed when she met me wearing this kimono top. It was not the effect I was going for while making it, but if it gives away an authentic vibe, I am cool with that.  I mean, traveling through Asian countries and getting to experience wearing diverse traditional wear is somewhere on the top of my imaginary bucket list which I am planning on putting down on paper…someday.

Truth is, I fell in love with the fabric the moment I saw it. I suddenly remembered I had some beige leftover fabric that I could use for the collar and the design instantly materialized in my head.

I originally planned on making a kimono dress, but a small miscalculation in fabric length when buying it coupled with the lack of motivation to go back to the store and buy an additional meter, gave birth to this kimono top. Apart from the eye-catching and richly textured print, I love how versatile it actually turned out to be. As much as I love how it looks wrapped up, this kimono top easily transforms into a lightweight kimono jacket that gives a very casual-chic charm to any outfit. >>


Since every second “where do you want to eat?” conversation with my friends ends up with “Peking Garden” – one of my favorite Asian restaurants in town – we decided to use just a small part of its beautiful interior as a backdrop for this kimono top as well as use the opportunity to eat lunch there…again.  

Peking Garden is one of the very few places in town where I call myself “a regular”, because I am a tad picky with food and I have a small appetite. Here, however, I always end up feeling like a starved beast let loose, and the wait for the food, as short as it is, feels excruciatingly long.

The beautiful interior and the serene music in the background help distract me though.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.

// Kimono & Skirt:
by me
// Sandals:
Suite Blanco
// Earrings:
// Watch:
Lorus Watches


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