IN MY SEARCH FOR CONVENIENCE and tactics on how to be a more efficient outfit planner in the morning, I somehow started gravitating towards neutrals and more washed-out tones. I started appreciating the adaptive nature of neutrals and their ability to make outfit planning a lot less time consuming.

Besides convenience, I credit this growing appreciation to the increasing number of minimalist Instagram feeds, which reeled me in this clean aesthetic that exudes elegance and effortlessness by focusing more on cut and design rather than color. As much as I have come to love and practice the aesthetic, however, I don't think I will ever be able to deny color. I mean, what can be more fun that wearing a breezy shirt in a contrasting print with a blindingly bright orange button down {or up?} denim skirt? It's like an instant energy booster, a what I can only describe as a visual surge of vitamin C.

Style consistency? No, no, that's not for me. I get bored easily. Just reference my Instagram feed and you will see that my inclination towards mixing styles and experimenting with color {and the lack of it}, will probably be the reason why I will never be able to establish that cohesive aesthetic I covet when looking at other accounts. 



Just providing you with your daily dose of visual vitamin C!



// Shirt: BRAX Feel Good
// Bag: Carpisa
// Ankle boots: Pull&Bear {old}
// Skirt: I have it since I was a kid ^^ {similar HERE and HERE

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