...from the top of the crown, floating through the air, and all the way to the ground. Beauty is indeed fleeting....

THE ADVENT OF THE INTERNET opened a window to gazing at the rest of the world from the comfort of our bedroom. No sooner after that window was opened, like a chilling wind, in came the dissatisfaction with our inability to be other places that are not our bedroom. The concept of "wanderlust" that got so popularized due to our social media feeds where we constantly are served secondhand experiences, suddenly created a sense of nostalgia for places we have seen so often but never visited. One of those places for me is South Korea, and spring enhances that feeling of nostalgia. Since I follow a great deal of Korean media and entertainment, I am constantly exposed to beautiful locations adorned with lovely cherry blossoms each spring. Seeing the soft rain of petals they bestow upon the passersby makes me want to enter the screen and exit on the other side.

In a way, being the season of rebirth, spring evokes the need to discover and experience something completely new. The short lifespan of cherry blossoms intensifies the desire to do so because it makes you realize that although each part of life is beautiful, it is still incredibly short. Too short, in fact, to spend it dreaming behind the screen. 

Until I have the chance to visit the places behind my screen though, I can enjoy this ephemeral beauty right here in the capital. It feels like a vicarious experience, but beautiful none the less.

Where do you want to travel?

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