I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT I couldn’t wear earth tones. It was one of those self-imposed realities where I arbitrarily decided that earth tones make small, pale me look lifeless. During my high-school days, I tried ‘rolling in the dirt’ but all those brown hues made me feel uncool because, you know, there are always those girls who can wear brown, rust, or mustard like they were the most complimenting colors out there, whereas in my eyes, I looked like I had forgotten to take my vitamins in the morning.

One day while still in university, I got so annoyed with how those colors made me look that I pulled almost all of them out, washed them, and donated them. Since I rarely wore them, they were good as new and there was simply no need to keep pieces that someone else could put to a better use. Fast forward few years to the recent past, I still thought that I couldn’t wear earth tones until I saw this bomber jacket in Zara that looked like the coolest thing with its golden side zippers and quilted back. It ended up making me dig out those few earth-toned pieces I had left behind because of my sentimental attachment to them. This skirt, for example, was made by my grandma for my mom and I still haven’t found the ancient records for this top. It has just always been there.

Earth Tones

I might give them a chance after all...

I guess my comfort zone was always painted in vivid colors probably from fear that my effervescent personality wouldn’t shine through if I was draped in earth tones. But what experimenting with different styles and colors teaches you is that your comfort zone is actually more suffocating than comfortable. There is something instantly liberating and immensely refreshing in putting together an outfit that is not like you but it is you. It’s not like you because it’s not something you would conventionally wear, but it is you because you had it in you to put it together.








fact of the day 

"Wearing earth tones comes with the need for photosynthesis" 














  1. Catherine X
    March 22, 2017

    Love the Zara bomber, and the fact that the skirt was made by your grandma. 🙂 I think earth tones suit you beautifully!!


    1. Dilek Asanoska
      March 22, 2017

      Aww thank you! Always so kind <3


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