NO, I AM NOT TRYING to sell you this armchair although, I must admit, I liked it so much, my brain might have imagined a few ways on how to inconspicuously transport it from the café to my room. I don’t always understand why my brain likes creating never-likely-to-happen scenarios like that, but I still like how it’s never boring up there. It likes creating so much that it keeps pushing me to make things. Different things. So many different things that when asked what I do in life, I just end up staring at people thinking:

What do you mean what I do in life? Well, everything!

Among other things, I design, I sew, I draw, I write, I plan, I blog, I learn. How am I supposed to let people know, in one sentence, what it is that I do? Heck, I am so bad at keeping it short that I still don’t understand how Twitter actually works.

I know that society likes pigeonholing individuals because ugh, diversity is such a bad, bad thing, but if we were all pigeons, and we all had our own boxes we weren’t supposed to leave, then I would be the annoying neighboring pigeon who kept breaking that rule simply because I was too bored in my box and just had to come over and see what you had in yours. Web design, you say? Oh well, excuse me while I Google all that HTML and CSS mumbo jumbo and I successfully manage to tweak and adjust my own blog templates. Well no future employer, I am not a web designer {those people are amazing though}, but if you

needed a content creator who could also tweak things around your website without crippling it, I am your gal!

Now how do I put that in formal CV terms?

Small things like that are part of my identity and I guess when people try to give me boundaries and to pigeonhole me in one area while neglecting my efforts in other areas, I feel like kicking them in the shin. I know that in this digital age where we are constantly splashed by never-ending currents of information, we try to be as selective and as concise as possible to the point where our attention span has leveled down to that of a goldfish. Still, people’s identities are multilayered and I don’t believe we have boundaries. I believe we have no limits.

In fact, I know we are limitless.

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When they ask me: Are you a blogger?
- Yes, I am a blogger, 

among other things...



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