I LOVE WINTER. I REALLY, really do. My problem with it though – as with anything else in life – is that I don’t like extremes. I am that person who likes her showers lukewarm and her ice-cream half-melted, who is happy when it rains in summer and when the sun shines in winter. I am that person who seeks balance. But even if you are more mainstream than I am, there is inevitably one problem that we all face during the cold winter months: How to stay stylish when it's so cold that going out wrapped up in your duvet actually sounds like a good idea?

During the extremely cold temperatures that made January feel like it lasted for an entire year, I sometimes struggled to get out of bed, let alone think about what to put on. I don’t know about you, but no matter how many times I try, I simply can’t preplan an outfit the night before. Even if I do, chances that I would want to wear it in the morning are incredibly slim. I, however, found three things that work for me. Scroll down to see what they are!


Let your coat do the talking.

Since I have been making coats for over ten years now, you can safely assume that I have tried all cuts and lengths, and what I’ve concluded is that the more character the coat has, the easier it is to work an outfit around it. You could wear your nana’s pajamas on the inside for all you care, but if your coat can make a statement on itself, you will still look polished. Whether it’s design, color, or print, always go for something that you can wear every day, yet never look boring. Even after having seen it for a zillion times, that coat should still make people think:

"That's a damn good coat!"


When we are on the topic of coats, in my case, if we don’t count the parka that I bought few months ago, I can safely say that I haven’t bought a coat for close to 10 years. I make it a tradition to make a new coat every winter, and regardless of trends, I always try to make something that leaves an impression. I know that my case is special and I am not telling you that in order to be stylish, you will need to get a new coat each season.

No. No to blatant consumerism.


You don’t need numbers. You need quality.

I might make a new coat almost every winter, but I end up wearing them with years to come. In my case, designing and sewing are my passion, and rather than when wearing it, I am happier while I am making the coat. Also, since I don’t take into consideration the cost of my own labor, making my own coats is very cost effective. You would never guess how much it costs unless I tell you. {More photos of the GRAY COAT I made}


I am a huuuuge scarf collector. I once wrote on the blog about my love for scarfs and how they help me reinvent pieces in my wardrobe, but if you ask me, scarves can fix almost anything. They can instantly liven your look and, depending on the design and fabric, they can even make you look like a completely different person. I know that in winter we all go for the knitted scarves, because warmth duh! but if you have a warm turtleneck underneath, and if the weather allows it, you can always go for a silk scarf.

Silk elevates everything. Silk is life.

P.S. Please don’t be one of those people who make rules about fashion and go: “this can only be worn in summer and this can only be worn in winter. This is only for day and this is only for night.” Those kinds of people bore me to death. Those rules only apply when it’s weather inappropriate like a wool sweater on +50°C and a flimsy dress on -50°C. Other than that, it’s all about creativity.


My bags have three imaginary labels on them:

  • everyday bag
  • special-occasion bag
  • extra-special-occasion bag.  

I hate myself for doing that. I always try to live by Coco Chanel’s words that “Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway”. But, unless your finances give you the freedom to substitute bags at whim, you are always chased by the not-so-irrational fear that you will not have something new and wowing to wear to a special occasion when it is expected from you to shine. And when you have to wrestle pensioners in buses on Tuesdays and Fridays – *cough* wisdom doesn’t come with age *cough* – you always fear of getting your bag scratched or torn.





So what do you do? You save it.

Well don’t. I am trying not to as well because I know that a good winter outfit is completed by a good bag. A statement bag, just like a statement coat, can make a great difference to your outfit. And let’s be honest, an occasion is deemed special by the amount of social attention it receives. I am sure we’d be happier if we cared less, if not at all, of what others thought and if we created our own definition for what special really means. 

Well that was fun to write. Tell me what you thought of my tips and don’t hesitate to comment with your own opinion or ideas. I could really use them.



Bag: Carpisa // Ankle Boots: Bershka // Scarf: Doca // Turtleneck: LCWaikiki


  1. Oanna
    February 23, 2017

    I love winter too! And this post gorgeous , love your pants!

    1. Dilek Asanoska
      February 24, 2017

      It’s good to find a fellow winter-lover. And thank you! <3


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