NOWADAYS, WHEN IT COMES TO CLOTHES, quality is a term that gets frivolously tossed around when there is a need to validate the worth of an item that may or may not meet the standards of quality. It’s an elusive concept for most, and sadly, a great number of people are misinterpreting it, or worse, disregarding it. Then what is quality exactly? 

Durability. Simple as that.

This cape coat is the epitome of quality. It was handed down to me by my mom and although it has fought against time and changing seasons, it still looks as if I picked it up from the store just yesterday. Conversely, most clothes that we buy today show signs of struggle even from the first time they are met with resistance.  It doesn’t take much time before they are deformed and we can see on them the shapes of our elbows and knees (for some of us boobs too) 

or notice lint, the pesky evidence of us having lived and breathed within that piece.  The lack of good quality significantly shortens the lifespan of any item, taking with it the chance of glorious future revival. I think that’s what my mom thinks every time she sees me wearing this cape coat: as having revived it. For me, quality always equals potential and with the circular nature of fashion trends, any piece, regardless of age, can be incorporated into our present. As it turns out, this coat goes with everything, especially with this skirt I sketched and made recently.  



Ankle Boots: Bershka // Skirt: my design // Turtleneck: Mango // Bag: Carpisa // Watch: Lorus Watches 


  1. Catherine X
    February 23, 2017

    What a gorgeous cape – it really does look like new! 🙂 Love the all gray look, and the skirt is so cute.


    1. Dilek Asanoska
      February 23, 2017

      Thank you so much, love! I am glad you like it! :*


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