FEELING OVERWHELMED BECAUSE IT’S ALMOST New Year and you still haven’t found the time to go out shopping for an outfit? Or did you keep on putting off the task thinking there was still time?

If so, welcome to the club of lazy outfitters. I am your host, the human who almost never procrastinates unless it’s picking out an outfit for a big social event such as New Year. Luckily, when it comes to styling, I believe in reinvention and when it comes to clothes I am an advocate for versatility, meaning that last minute planning can be handled with a little creativity and a lot of closet digging.

Truth is, while all you party animals are busy getting your groove on, I will probably be in my PJs chewing on marzipan balls1, watching a Korean drama, and hoping that the upstairs kids’ parents don’t deem them old enough to let them throw down firecrackers in my balcony. Since I still don’t have concrete plans for New Year, I haven’t really decided what I would wear if I suddenly felt like joining society in celebrating the end of a very, very arduous year. I did think about it though, and my imagination created three outfits for three different settings. 

1 as awkward as that may sound, I swear, that’s the English translation on the back of the package. According to my German-speaking friend, Google Translate, Marzipan Kartoffeln stands for “marzipan potatoes”. Go figure!

1/3 Romantic elegance



While going all glam and glitter on New Year’s Eve is usually the norm, when it comes to more formal parties, I am usually the one who opts for feminine minimalism and soft glow. Since it’s New Year’s Eve and I haven’t really spent it anywhere else but in countries with below zero temperatures in winter, staying as warm as possible while still looking chic is a big thing for me, hence this knitted dress with delicate lacing at the neck and the sleeves. The maroon color gives the look a romantic feel, and the blush shoes and purse compliment the dress by letting it be the center piece. 

Cheers to that!




2/3 Playful cuteness



If I have something in abundance, that’s 애교 {aegyo} which is the Korean word for cuteness. Whenever I am around people I am comfortable with, especially people who are older than me, I immediately become the kid of the party. In the effort of staying true to the spirit of that kid, I mixed lace, flowers, red and pink and created this very cute outfit. I added the blazer I made as a preventive to looking completely girly because my inner tomboy would never forgive me if I passed that threshold. Due to that same blazer, I can imagine wearing this look to a very casual, but fun office party as well.

This reindeer is ready to party! Now…where is Santa’s sleigh?

3/3 Warm comfort

Remember the part about me wanting to stay warm and me not wanting to leave the house for New Year’s Eve? Well, this outfit is my solution to all of that. This cozy white turtleneck and this warm red wool skirt are the perfect combo for a stay-home party with friends, regardless if that “home” is yours or a close friend’s. While I love pumps to death, there is nothing more comfortable and chic than a pair of chunky heeled boots. I really rather focus on opening presents than worrying about not looking like I am walking on eggshells. Although…admittedly, I do that more often than not. 

So there you go! Which outfit is your favorite? Or better yet, tell me what you are going to wear!

Now go on, waste no time and pick out your outfit, while Stefani and I finish our cherry juice – I-I mean wine. Stefani, by the way, is the pretty and talented girl behind the camera, and officially my new partner in crime!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and see you in the next one!





  1. Catherine Xiang
    January 1, 2017

    Dilek! This post was amazing and you can tell how much effort went into it 🙂 Loved every look, but the third one is my favorite – so comfy, chic, and festive!


  2. Dilek A
    January 1, 2017

    Thank you so much, dear! The third one is also my favorite! Happy New Year! :*

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