O U T F I T  D E T A I L S:
Coat: Burdastyle; 12/2009 // Sweater: Knitted by me // Jeans: Motivi (old) // Ankle Boots: old // Necklace: golden; // Rings: Berska (mixed with my golden ones) // Bag: Koton // 
     IF THERE IS SOMETHING I have learned throughout the years is that procrastination and waiting for the perfect moment to do something are my enemies. Starting a personal blog with quality content has been my wish for the longest time, but being the perfection-obsessed maniac that I am, this debut day was always being postponed for “next month”. The idea of starting a blog with a 10mpx digital camera in a time when DSLRs rule the blogging sphere was a bit deflating, but then I realized that realism and sincerity quite suit me, which is why yesterday my childhood best friend and I spontaneously decided to battle the freakishly cold weather and take these shots before heading out for a nice meal in a warm lounge bar.
     The coat I am wearing I finished sewing few weeks ago, and when packing to go for a 2 weeks holiday in my hometown, it seemed like the perfect piece to bring with me. I took the pattern from Burdastyle magazine and modified it so instead of being a short jacket it would be a long coat. The sweater I’m wearing is an alarming shade of mint with a secret formula to make me look fresher than I feel. The knit pattern is so easy a monkey with no arms could do it. The only problem is that more yarn goes into it, but in return you get this squishy warm texture. (For those into knitting it goes: k1(knit one) p1(pearl one) repeatedly. The next row you pearl where you knitted and knit where you pearled.) 


Thank you for reading and here,
have a salad from me as a treat for my debut.
Aspire Higher!
Lots of love,


  1. Dilek Asanoska
    February 25, 2014

    Thank you so much! By the way, don't worry, ripping jeans is not my forte either. 😀

  2. Judith
    February 25, 2014

    OMG! I can't believe you knitted that sweater and you modified you coat! You're so talented! I can't even rip my jeans in a cool way! hahahha

    btw happened the same to me with my blog. I created it and posted for the first time like one year later (no exaggeration) of the day I decided to make one 😉
    Anyway cool look! And good luck with your new blog!


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