Layering in summer? Yes, it’s possible. Wearing this easy breezy vest my colleagues bought for my birthday. Read more on

I’M ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE whose brain plays imaginary background music when it’s not socially acceptable to completely cut out other unnecessary sounds with my earphones, so it’s really important for me to have clothes that compliment every minute of this stage performance we call life.

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Confessions of a heavy packer: I went to Thessaloniki Greece on a one-day shopping trip and I put together a personal guide to what {not} to do on one-day trips. Read more on

The following text may contain exaggerations for comic effect.

I PACK HEAVY. It really doesn’t matter if I am going away for days or just going to buy bread from the local store. That’s what makes me the mommy character in any group I am in. Oh, you need water? Snacks? Wet wipes? Band aids? Your cat? I probably have it in my bag.

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